Waste Collection Service

Bags delivered to your door to fill at your convenience

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We Are


a waste collection

We are based in the Tendring district of Essex and cover all the surrounding villages.

We collect all types of rubbish either bagged or loose from private householders, trade, commercial, construction or DIY.

We collect single items , or bulk loads in bags from 125 kg up to 1000 kg or skips from 2 yards up to 20 yards.

The core of our business is recycling and at present we achieve a rate of over 90%.

All waste collected is hand sorted with all large objects removed then the remainder goes through a mechanical tumbling process where it is further treated and finally hand picked on a conveyor belt.

The segregated waste is then sent off to different processing plants and returned to the recycling chain, or re-used in another form ,such as the wood being granulated and burnt to produce power, some mixed glass is crushed and used as aggregates on our roads,plastic bottles are made into fleeces and coats etc

All waste collected by Skip Bag Direct is graded and sorted by hand upon arrival at our transfer station.
The waste is then segregated and screened by passing through a trommel screen where all the individual recyclable categories are picked from a conveyor belt system and placed into individual bulk containers ready for transporting on to the next stage of recycling.
At present we are proud to be able to say that we recycle over 90% of all waste!
recycling symbol
waste for the trommel skip bag
  • Single item or bulk waste collection

  • Hardcore and soil

  • Metal and wood

  • Cardboard and paper

  • Plasterboard and plastic

  • White goods

  • Garden waste​​

  • Construction and DIY

  • Business waste

the SKIP BAG SERVICE is ideal if you dont have enough rubbish for a skip, if you need a skip, you can order one on our sister site: HERE

ungraded bulk waste skip bag
waste eating trommel skip bag